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Autumn Sports Meeting


On October 25, 2016 morning, the long-awaited annual autumn sports meeting was held, under the elaborate organization of the administration department in the company, we forgot the busy work, devoted to the intense sports together, at the opening ceremony of the sports meeting, our chairman encouraged us that: Don't forget to listen to your body, while you are busy working, for the first wealth is health. we should also pay enough attention to the quality of life.

The sports items included: Men's basketball game, Tug of war, Three-leg Jumping, Set shot. Filling sound come and go, the employees were full of passion and eager to perform. 

After a heated contest, basketball team from R&D and basketball team from printing workshop are favorites for the first and second place.

Tug of war champion in men's and women's are from backshop and sales center.

The printing workshop win the Three-leg Jumping. 

The R&D team win the Set shot.

Autumn is not only a season of harvest but also a season of growth. We hope everyone combine work with rest. we are full of confidence in the future.

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