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The bright moonlight sends love sickness


On September 13, 2016, Sunglow technology held a Mid-Autumn festival party. The Chairman and the leaders did not forget the Employees who can't stay with their family, however, kept on their jobs as usual. On this family reunions day, we gathered for the celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival.

The party were moving well, staffs sing and dance, and give many excellent performances. We hope that we can make contributions for the development of Sunglow.

In this party, administration department invited professional sign language teacher to pass the program to the welfare employees. The company keep employee' happiness close at heart.

The employees take part in the interactive game for the gifts.

     The welfare employees write a play calledand act it. The play has been praised for its humor and impressiveness. 

After excellent play, thefrom welfare employees,from label workshop and square dance from welfare workshop won the first prize, second prize and third prize.

we really had a great evening, a lovely evening. As long as we are united, move ahead under the leadership of chairman, we will triumph. I wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

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